Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey...I'm swatchin' you!

I am having sooooo much (maybe a little too much) fun playing and swatching on my knitting machines.  I've made another "braid" as per recipe in the user's manual and I tried  picking up stitches along the side of a knitted fabric to knit in the opposite direction.  Both techniques worked well for me, of course I still need practice but I'm confident that I will be making more advanced and complex garments on the machines in no time.

Speaking of machines.....I have to have the greatest luck when it comes to acquiring knitting machines.  One day a couple of years ago, my Husband and I stopped at a yard sale and HE found a Singer 360 Punch Card knitter complete with ribber attachment and accessories for a really good price, so we bought it.  20 minutes later, at another yard sale we picked up a Singer 151 Chunky Knitter for a really, really good price.  A year later I bought 5  155 Chunky Punch Card Knitter, 2 ribbers for them and a brand new, never been used, still wrapped in protective paper Singer 360 Punch Card Knitter for an even more ridiculously low price.  Deep breath...and I have another knitting machine on the way, for free, from my Sister (xoxoxox) that comes complete with Intarsia carriage!  I would tell you how little I paid for the lot, but you'd only want to poke me with your knitting needles:)  Let me just say, that at such a low, low total price...I am convinced that the Universe is sending me a message.  That in fact this is what I have been waiting for and what I am meant to do.

picked up stitches and 9 stitch tuck braid

4 Stitch Cable

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  1. As an enabler of this sick obsession you have with all things wool, I just want to say, you're welcome for the machine that will be making its way to you shortly! Pssst, you got any beads???
    Your sister...........