Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quiet Night

I'm at my non-knitting job this evening and since it's a slow one, I've been puttering away on my knits.  I did finish those rugs I was working on and I have some I-Chords on the go right now to finish up another batch of bags.  I'm enjoying the easy pace because tomorrow I have to finish my year end at my non-knitting job and that isn't going to be a whole lot of fun at all.  Especially since I won't be able to work on anything textile related!  But the good news for me is that once the year end is done, it frees up an awful lot of time and head space to be able to concentrate on design and marketing.  It shouldn't be legal to have this much fun while trying to earn a living.

So no pics to post today...and probably not for the next few days.  But I'll be back!

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