Saturday, March 5, 2011

What the wind blew in...

We have been enduring the most condensed winter that I have ever witnessed.  The Maritimes are used to some pretty extreme winters (that we haven't had for several years), but this one started late then all arrived at once.  I love winter (I think all knitters do) but this pretty as it has been, is woopin my butt!  It has been one of the nicest winters with beautiful sunny days and a much shorter than usual cold snap BUT THE SNOW ALL ARRIVED IN ABOUT 6 WEEKS!!!!  We have had about 5 months worth of snow compressed into 2 months!

Since we have awesome snow removal from one of our neighbors, we've been lucky.  But.  With the accumulation it has been very difficult to get in and out of my studio which is separate from the house.  In theory it is very romantic to don snowshoes to get to work, but in practice...not so much.  So the last couple of weeks have not been as productive as they should be but I know that this won't last.  I wish I had pics of finished rugs to show you today, but this will just have to do:)

Place gratuitous knitting shot here....

A close up of unfinished rugs:)

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