Monday, April 18, 2011

Out and About in Summerside

I wore my "Springtime" Bag out in Summerside today and everywhere I stopped women commented on how pretty it is and asked if I sell them.  Well, YES I certainly do:)  The "Bag For All Seasons" Series, Springtime being the first, are still being worked on, that is to say they are still being assembled and tweaked.  As soon as all the kinks are worked out on all 4 bags (Springtime, Summer, Autumn and Winter) they will be posted and available through my website (see side right for link).  I will also let you know what stores are carrying them.  Until then, thank you to my blog followers for your wonderful comments and thank you to the lady at Water Street Dental Clinic and the other nice lady at Summerside Wendy's for liking my bag so much.  It made me very happy.

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