Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello there, yes I'm still here and yes I'm still stitchin away at orders.  There is a light at the end of my very happy tunnel though, I should be finished all of it in a week's time!!!  What a sense of accomplishment.  Today I decided that my Tea Cozies were cute but not quite cute enough (after seeing the work of another lady who's handiwork I respect very much) so I stepped it up a notch (pics to follow).  I ended up redoing them and adding a beautiful vintage-look cotton liner, I'm so happy that I did...the first one's just didn't compare.

When I looked closely at the fabric I noticed that the floral pattern was named "Wisteria Lane", I wonder if my lovely Cozies will grace the pots of any desperate housewives:)  I promise to show you all a photo of this pretty fabric soon, I ended up running out of the house to get to my day job and forgot to take any shots of today's offerings.  I guess I also realized that showing you more photos of more orders will just all look the same to you as the last few shots, but the Tea Cozies are certainly new and a bit different from what I've been showing you.

Sorry...have to go now....more mittens to stitch.

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