Monday, June 13, 2011

Problem Solving.

What do you do when you need to get some felted projects finished and they just won't dry.......

................bake them.

Worked like a charm.   Now I have all of my orders (except for 4 bags which are not a rush) finished and delivered and I'm very happy about it.  My last order, which I delivered on Saturday, took me 3 weeks to do.  It was huge but I worked night and day (literally) until it was finished.  I know I should have taken it easier than that but I wanted to make sure that the recipient didn't have to wait long for it, or sit there wondering if it would ever arrive.  I like to cross every T and dot every's just the kind of work ethic I have.  Thanks Dad for teaching me that one, I like everything to run with military precision:) and try to always honour my commitments.

Speaking of commitments, eh hem...not all of them can be met with the same speed and grace...sorry my darling sister.  So last night, in a conversation with my big Sis, she asked me "so like, since you have your big orders you think you'll be able to work on my sweater?"  Ooops, I've been working on this sweater for over a year for her but paid knitting always seems to bump it back in the queue.  So she tells me that she's been having the urge to knit again after a many-year hiatus and if it was ok with me, could I give her the yarn and the pattern and she'd be happy to make it!!!!! Seriously!!!! Did I hear her right????  I feel so bad that I dangled the carrot...ur um sweater in front of her and didn't follow through on it, and I thought it might be rude to offer her the yarn...BUT SHE SUGGESTED IT!  So today I packed up the yarn and she'll be getting it next month when I see her.  I really do feel bad that I didn't finish it for her especially after receiving no less that half a dozen sweaters from her that she had knit.  Love you Sis xoxoxoxoxo

Which then solves one more dilemma.  I have been wanting to make something for myself for months but neither had the time to, nor would I have even cast on a single stitch without having finished Sis' sweater.  But now I can, and I will and as much as I love knitting/sewing/felting/creating for others...I really, really need to make a treat for myself.  It shall be this...

...beautiful cardi from Michelle Rose Orne's book "Inspired to Knit".  I love every pattern in this book.  Michelle is a truly gifted designer.

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  1. Glad to hear your "Rush" is slowing down :) Hope you get to have some early summer fun too!