Thursday, July 7, 2011


I would very much like to share my textile hiatus with you and show you pictures of what I've been up to.  BUT, I've recently purchased a new smart phone and I'm afraid that the phone is much smarter (in fact out-smarting) the operator.  I have a few really pretty pics to show you of my garden/kitchen/pantry adventures but I can't seem to get them from there to here.  So without wanting to bore you too much (I don't like reading blogs without pictures), I have taken the summer off of textile work after having finished many very nice orders and I'm taking this time to accomplish my other passion...Puttin' Up.  I've been dabbling in homesteading for over a decade but it was only after moving to the country that I heard the term "Putting Up" pickles (or other preserves).  I like to preserve some of what I grow and also what local growers have on offer/in season.

We've had a very slow start to Summer in our neck of the woods and we are about 3 weeks behind in the growing season.  That said, so far I've managed to make a pretty, pink Chive Vinegar to combine with other ingredients to make a very special summer salad dressing.  I've picked the first batch of strawberries (some to eat now, some to enjoy later from the freezer).  I've picked and enjoyed several trips to the rhubarb patch, although I think I've taken the last of them for this year  (Mom and Dad, you'll be enjoying a lovely, tart rhubarb crisp when you visit).  And today, the first puttin' up...several beautiful golden bottles of pickled onions to be enjoyed all year long as a welcome addition to any Plowman's Lunch!  I discovered the Plowman's Lunch when I took a trip to London, England several years ago, what a great dish to have as your first meal there.  For those of you who have never had the pleasure, I was served a chunk of cold ham, a bun, a chunk of cheese, an enormous pickled onion, a little pot of Bransden Pickle and an apple.  Something so simple and rustic and I thought I was in Heaven!

My latest foray into the garden yielded 5 large bunches or oregano that are currently washed and hung to dry in the house...mmmm smells good.  OMGs right on queue my inbox is FINALLY showing that the pics are in....

Well, there ya go.

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