Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa? Is That For Me?

I know that it's a month early, but Santa stopped by and brought me this!  Santa and I picked it up yesterday for a song (if I told you how little we paid for it, it would make you weep with envy).  It looks like it's complete and works very smoothly as it was obviously very well taken care of for the last 85 years.  I have wanted one of these all of my life, and as far as I can remember it's the same model that my Grandmother had.  To add to this great tale, the gentleman who we bought it from knew the two women who had owned it (the second was his late wife).  As it turns out, this machine was probably originally purchased from the general store that my husband and I now own!!!!  I also know many of the relatives of the two former owners.  Santa ordered a new drive band for me today, the old one had dried up and broken years ago, and I am waiting like a schoolgirl on Christmas Eve for it to arrive so I can give this beautiful piece of Victorian engineering a very serious workout.  In fact it's first work out in this century.  Of course Dave had to check it out with me to see if it was in good condition.

Check out Dave in this pic, he looks like he's going to punch me, haha what a guy.  He was actually in a great mood and was a very good boy all day.

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