Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things That Go Together.

I'm a homesteader.  I'm also a knitter.  These things couldn't go together better.

The last couple of days have been productive (even while nursing a head cold) and full of WOOL.  Told you I had Wovember in my heart every day of the year.  I've been working on an order of hats made from woollen blankets and stitched together with wool yarn and I'm still working on wool socks for my Dad. 

I also took a few minutes today to pick the hips off of the wild roses that grow just outside my back door.  I didn't plant those roses there, the birds did and I thank them for it.  I decided to take out the seeds and throw them into the hedgerow, figuring that without seeds the fruit would dehydrate faster....and they did....

These little beauties are headed for a jar with the addition of dried Lemon Balm and Lavender from the garden to make a wonderful fruity tea blend.  In the coming years, maybe the hedgerow will be full of them.

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