Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And It Only Took A Week!!

Back to the Singer Treadle Sewing Machine that Mr. Homesteader bought me for Christmas....I was so happy to see that the brand new leather drive band made it here today all the way from the UK in only a week (in December no less).  So with any luck, when I get home from work tonight Mr. and I won't be too tired to size, cut and latch it together.  I sew so (snicker) want to play with this beautiful thing.

Dave wanted to get it working for me this afternoon, but I told him that he'd better let Mr. do it.  So he checked it all out and decided to continue grabbing and dragging the yarn I was knitting with across the house instead.  He's so helpful.

Speaking of knitting....this is as much as I can show you as it's still classified "top secret", but dear knitters just think of Mr. Darcy that hung out over at Knitty sometime back in 2009.....if I say any more, I might get into trouble.

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