Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ok , quick post just to let you know how challenging the smaller details in life can be.

See this....this is a catalogue picture of another vintage sewing machine.  This one I've had for about 13 years now.  It is an early electric model.  When I bought it I noticed that there was no pedal so I figured I'd keep my eye out for one and if one came along I'd be all set.  I paid very little for this machine so I didn't mind it sitting around looking pretty for so many years, but my recent acquirement of the treadle machine re sparked my interest in getting this one working.  Mr. took a long look at it (he understands physics, I don't) and he couldn't figure out how or where a pedal would actually plug into the machine.  So after further examination, he discovered that there was a lever inside of a hole at the front of the machine and when you moved it it made the motor run.  On even closer inspection Mr. saw that there was an odd shaped metal thing, neatly housed inside of the didn't take him long to figure out that the metal thing fit the strange hole and turned the lever!!!!  Unfortunately I'm at work right now and haven't been able to play with it myself yet.  He assures me that it goes like snot.  He said "the good news is that works great, the bad news always did".  Well now, all that needs doing is the electrical cord to the machine and from the machine to the light to be replaced as the insulation is dodgy.  Voila......

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