Friday, December 9, 2011


I get a lot of my inspiration from other people's amazing work.  I wish embellishments came out of my own head and I guess they do, it's just that they are often originally inspired by an other's work.  I found Cecile through another blog that I like to read.  I have to say I have a textile crush on Cecile, her blog is amazing, her work even more so.  Seeing her use of colour and texture to bring nature to life in floss and ribbon inspired me to pick up needle and floss and take a chance......

If you can guess what kind of flower this is, then I've accomplished something:)  Of course, since I haven't stitched anything in years (and it was counted cross stitch when I did) I think I did pretty well.  Can't wait to hone this skill as it just opens up a world of possibilities.  I hope to buy her book "Jardin Reve, Jardin Brode" (excuse the lack of accents, I don't know where they are on this keyboard).  Oh, by the way Mom, it's available on European Amazon....just sayin'.  Anyway, I don't know if Cecile will ever know how much her work has inspired me but just in case you do read this... Merci Cecile.

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