Friday, December 2, 2011

Now We're Talkin'

So that sewing machine I told you about yesterday, you know, the one with the knee lever...I gave it a try today and it took less getting used to than I thought it would.  I decided that the first thing I make on it should be both for me and old fashioned so I set to work making a doll.  I drew a pattern out yesterday for the doll and dress.

And finally this morning I was able to play with this amazing machine.  See the black iron lever in the front...yup that's how it runs.

The doll was made out of a pillow case.

Then I made her a dress from an old dress of my own.

She's so pretty that she doesn't even bother dying her hair, it's make of natural brown 100% wool yarn (of course).

Her name is Miranda.

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