Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tis the season to start enjoying the fruit of our labour.  If you've been tuned in for a while, you already know how much preserving the food we grow and acquire from local sources means to me.  After working hard this fall to jam, pickle, dehydrate and freeze many pounds of beautiful home grown and locally grown food....we get to eat it!  I started diving into the food stores this week and oh my goodness does it all taste good!

The pressure canner in full swing.

One food that I love this time of year is Clementines.  Unfortunately for now I'm still buying them and they are still coming from a continent away.  We do have a tangerine tree though and last year we had one lonely little fruit.  With any luck, we'll be getting many more in years to come as the tree gets more mature.  Who knows, they may even substitute for my seasonal clementine addiction.

It's hard to share one lonely little tangerine.

If you've ever wanted to homestead, grow and preserve your own food and maybe even have a root cellar, I recommend you check out Kevin's Blog.  He recently posted a video he took, preparing a salad in his root cellar.  I am now experiencing root cellar envy!

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