Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hits And Misses

I couldn't wait to get home last evening to see if the potted meat had set correctly.  It set perfectly and looked great....but it was HORRIBLE, I mean really bad.  It could have used a bit more salt and spice, that I could have lived with, but what really ruined it was that I hadn't simmered the meat long enough and it was like little hard nuggets suspended in the gelatine.  Yuck, I will try again but not until I get over how gross the texture was.  Blah.  Dave found it on the counter where we had left it and he seemed to think it was terrific...good boy.  But on a more positive note, I finally received the last of the 5 books I ordered for Christmas (photo credit Chapter Indigo).

BOOK: Victorian Farm: Christmas Edition

And when I thumbed through it I came across a picture of Ruth Goodman sitting at a sewing machine exactly like mine:)

If you haven't watched Victorian Farm or Edwardian Farm, originally aired on BBC, you are missing something pretty special.

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