Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keepin' On...

Well, I survived my nasty cold but unfortunately didn't accomplish anything while down with it.  But, since feeling better, I've had my nose pressed to the sketch book, calculator and swatches to see if I can translate the wonders in my head into recognizable stitches.  I have a real love for Aran knitting especially on traditional natural white wool.  It's a classic, timeless look that makes me feel comfortable, like a hot mug of tea and a warm hug.  So it's with cable stitches and natural white wool that I'm playing with right now while at my other job (I'm so lucky I can do that).

Along with knitting, I've been asked to make some Tea Cozies for a local shop, which of course helps to fill my renewed interest in sewing.  I make the Tea Cozies with blanket fabric from my local mill and line them with cotton fabric.  I recently found this lovely cotton to use, it looks so old fashioned and reminds me of linens you'd see at a fancy tea party.  (Some of this might need to become an apron too.)

Mr. Homesteader worked very hard taking care of me over my dreaded cold.  He made several pots of soup and these delicious buns from a recipe out of the latest Mother Earth News magazine.

But what has made both Mr. Homesteader and I so very happy over the last while is the young lad we welcomed into our home and gratuitous family pet shot here....

Dave had his "surgery" last week and has sailed through it with flying colours.  I nearly broke into hysterical laughter when the vet said to keep him quiet for 10 days....hhahahahah keep a six month old kitten quiet for 10 days, that worked well.  It took him two whole days to get all of his energy back and we tried EVERYTHING to keep him quiet, short of sedating him.

Hopefully that will be the end of this years family illnesses/surgeries and we can all get back to our respective projects.

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