Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Same But Different

I currently have 2 Singer Treadle sewing machines, 1 that I'm keeping and 1 that I'm selling.  Although they are the same machine, a few years between manufacturing made some interesting differences.  These are photos of the one I'm keeping, you can see how it's more ornate and looks "Victorian" in design.

The second machine is a little newer, the artwork is less fussy and to me has an "Art Deco" feel to the design of the legs.

I did a little work on machine 2 today.  The Singer logo is now all shiny again after being very dirty and dull looking.

Took apart and scrubbed off the grime from the thread tension assembly.  It seems to be in good condition.

This is the "before" shot of the plates on the bobbin winder.  Very dirty but should clean up nicely.  The whole bobbin winder seems to be in good condition too except for needing a new "tire".


  1. I have the same machine:) Actually the machine is gone, but the table is left. I use it as my "garden planting table." Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your's looks adorable!