Friday, January 20, 2012


Today I managed to find another sewing machine.  This one is a Singer cabinet model from the early 70's and it was seized up fairly tight.  So far with lots of machine oil, I've managed to get it moving it's just not completely there.  If and when I can get it freely working I plan to find someone in my neighborhood who really wants to be able to sew but can't for whatever reason justify the expense of a sewing machine and give it to them.  I didn't pay anything for it, so I thought this would be a good time to "pay it forward".  It's not all fancy and pretty like the ones on the show room floor today, but given it's age and how sturdy it is, I believe it is meant to be repaired rather than replaced like today's all plastic, light weight "planned obsoletion" models.  This is machine number 6 in my possession but as I've said, I'm not keeping it.

Here it is with the top and front casing off.

Please excuse the poor picture quality, I have the machine in front of a window.

This is number 5 and we picked it up this week also.  It's another Singer Treadle machine and I believe this one will be available for sale.  I'm in the process of cleaning (lots and lots of cleaning), oiling and ordering replacements parts.  It's a real beauty and all moving parts move freely.  The drive band is on it's last legs so until I get the replacement, Mr. Homesteader rigged it so that I can at least use it to get the machine cleaned, working and singing again.  The cabinet is also in very nice condition with just some scratchy wear around the knob on the lower, right hand drawer.

Our house is starting to look like a Singer show room, or a Singer repair shop at least.  I have to say that restoring these machines has given me much more knowledge on how they work and how to take care of them.

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