Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trotting Along...

I think I was successful in making potted meat this morning but I won't know if it set completely until it cools.  It was painfully easy to make and tastes quite nice (I had to taste to see if there was enough salt in it).  I used two leg pieces to yield 2 cups of potted meat and 1 cup of just seasoned gelatine that I'm going to save for soup or gravy.  There was very little fat and once it's set I'll be able to skim it off easily.

While the porky goodness was simmering and making the house smell amazing, I decided to de-clutter another closet.  This one had a medium cardboard box worth of paper and magazines that are now in the burn pile.  I was also able to put aside about 25 books to sell on (they take up an awful lot more space than I thought).  Now I'm at work and if I have a little down time I'll work on cabled hat 2 of 12 and maybe slip in a little reading:)


  1. The phrase "potted meat" makes me think of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, but I'm sure yours tastes much better. You'll have to post a recipe with it...

    1. I'll have to post the recipe after I make a more successful batch, it was horrible:)