Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesdays, Trimming and Trials

Tuesdays are usually non-productive days here on the homestead because they are big "store stuff" days, but I did de-clutter a closet today and feel pretty good about that.  With homesteading comes the desire to scale back, simplify and de-clutter so I've decided to pick a small space in the house, outbuildings or store every week and ruthlessly edit the "stuff" until we're only surrounded by what we need and a few simple wants.  The hardest editing will be the studio as it's filled to the top with fibre, yarns, books and tools.  I think the best way to tackle it would be to not buy any more yarn or fibre until I use what's on hand (unless of course I need another skein of a certain colour to finish an order blah blah) and repair/restore and sell all machines that I don't intend to keep.  But that's for another day.  Today I get to feel good about cleaning out a closet from a spare bedroom.

Tomorrow has been set aside to try a new adventure in the kitchen that certainly is old fashioned and fits very nicely with our newer, homesteading life.  I love potted meat and my Mum-in-law tells me that it's very easy to make.  You need a few basic ingredients:  pig trotters, salt, herbs....seriously that's it.  You put the trotters (thats the feet with some of the leg still attached for the meat) in a pot of water and boil them for several hours releasing the gelatin in them, scrape off the meat (this is the most tender pork in my humble opinion) and put it in a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap or some old yoghurt containers work well too.  then you put the bones back in, boil some more, add herbs (I'm using summer savoury) and salt to taste and pour the liquid over the meat that was set aside in the mould, let it harden in the fridge, skim off the fat, and enjoy!  She recommended that I use 1 beef trotter and two pork trotters because the gelatine from the beef might harden better but I'm going to see how I make out with just pork.  I wish it was the right time of year for new potatoes because that's how I like it served best, but that's ok, I'll make do.  Picture to follow.

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