Monday, February 20, 2012

My One Weakness....

....if the truth be two weaknesses would have to be home grown/made food and textiles.  I'm afraid I haven't been blogging very much recently because I've been a bit busy enjoying both:)

Last week my first two patterns offered for sale to the public made their appearance on Ravelry, Spudnick - a colour work Tam whose pattern is in praise of the PEI Potato, yup you read that right...Potato and Elizabeth - a Tudor inspired cowl.  I have another pattern written out and I am just waiting for test knitting.  These are very exciting times for me.

On the food front, both Mr. Homesteader and I have been busy trying to outdo one another in the kitchen, from apple scones made from local ingredients including our own dried apple rings, to sausage chili, to bread and rolls and mixed bean soup and baked beans and and and.......I just love that we've both taken better health, better food, better life to heart.  It's been so easy living on junk and shopping at places like Walmart, I don't want it that way any more, not when I can have something like this instead...

Mmmmm Apple Scones

and Vegetable soup with buttery biscuits.  Bet you wish your screen was equipped with smellavision:)

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