Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's a stormy Wednesday here, the ground is completely covered with snow for the first time this year and now the wind has picked up which always means drifting and white outs.  I've been enjoying watching it unfold from the front window but now that twilight is here it's even prettier all aglow in shades of blue.  Today's Homestead offerings come in the form of food, again...this seems to be a large part of my life...talking about food, taking pictures of food, preserving food, writing about food.  I love to cook and bake, especially when I can use ingredients that I've grown or that I've bought from near by.  I was rummaging through the freezer today and decided I wanted to use some of the apple pie filling I had made for apple crisp instead of apple pie...very good idea, it's delicious.  I made the filling this past fall after a wonderful day spend with Mr. Homesteader at our local orchard.  Our wee orchard on the homestead still didn't produce enough for us this year but we did enjoy what we were able to get.  I'm looking forward to picking pears and canning them next year (our trees aren't ready for that either so we'll still have to go back to our local orchard), especially since my canned plums (given to us by our mailman) turned out so well.  I ended up freezing 5 pies worth of filling, 1 of which did come from our own apples.

Today's weather also gave me time to enjoy a movie before work while I stitched some Tea Cozies.  The one standing looks lopsided, I assure you it is symmetrical.

I also decided to work on another project today.  Many years ago Mr. H. and I acquired two oil lamps that were in a box of auction stuff.  Neither of them were in good shape but I decided to take the best parts and make one decent one.  It took several sprays with lubricant to release the top parts that hold the wick from the base but they are separated now.  I sanded the chipping paint from the base and when I have the chance it will be spray painted a dark brown.  Luckily between the two lamps there were three new wicks so that should keep me a while and Mr. H. picked me up a new chimney from our local hardware store.  This is what it looks like now waiting for paint.

I consider anything we do that cleverly reuses discarded objects like the lamp above, preserving food, making one's own clothing, finding ways to use less, want less and repair, refresh and renew what we already have to all be steps towards sustainable living.  What do you think?  Have you been involved in a project lately that has sustainability in mind...I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Hi Chantelle! I ran across your blog for the first time tonight. I think we may have a number of things in common, except for the knitting. I "cheat" and reuse wool sweaters and clothes for the fabric in my crafts. I also repurpose old clothes for the material in my quilts. I garden, I love photography, I write, I'm a good cook, and I just started canning. I'm also branching out into the "craft for profit" side of things, but there's much to be learned there. Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi from my neck of the woods.

    1. Hello and welcome, nice to hear from a kindred spirit:) I love reusing clothing, at least it gives it a chance to be loved again.