Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3-Ply, Oh My!

I hope Spring has been as nice in whatever neck of the woods you're in as it's been in mine.  Beautiful.  Warm. I love it.  As much as I love Winter, I think my brain really wakes up in Spring, around about the same time as the Maple trees start running.  Maybe it has something to do with being  With a reawakened brain comes inspiration and I'm seeing inspiration all around me.  The kind of inspiration that makes me want to translate everything I see into a knitted stitch.  In the last couple of weeks I've created a couple of hat patterns and a scarf pattern....I'd hate to tease you with that information but you'll just have to be patient because they will be available in the Fall (and I think they're worth waiting for).

What I can share with you is my new love affair with a yarn I've had and used for years.  I've written about MacAusland's Yarn before and told you all about how useful it is.  What I hadn't really worked with before is their 3-ply bulky weight.  Having a nice amount of it in my stash I thought about creating some patterns with this yarn instead of my go-to 2-ply (aprox. Aran) and 2-ply fine (aprox. worsted).  With a 5.5mm needle my gauge worked out to 3.5 stitches and 5 rows to the inch which makes an accessory sized pattern knit up at the speed of light.

This yarn is a pleasure to knit with, the stitch definition is terrific which makes it ideal for Aran style knitting....seriously... cables just pop!  It's a fairly dense yarn also and is made from mixed wool breeds so some lots are softer than others and all plys are available in a variety of natural and dyed colours.  It does bloom or full nicely when washed and is excellent for felting.   As well as being a versatile, all purpose wool yarn, it's also a very affordable yarn making it quite perfect in my book!

I am a little biased because this Woollen Mill also happens to be my LYS, but I am serious about how I enjoy working with it.  I will be branching out and working with other, more well known yarns so that people can relate better to my patterns, but I will always have MacAusland's in my stash.

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