Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Is Thursday....again!

Wow, have I been a busy Lady!  This week marked the passing of that time of year when my day job requires all of my attention to do a whole bunch of math and paperwork, and now that that is all passed in for another year I can focus a little of my attention back to textiles and blogging.

I absolutely love soft, smooshy wool know, the kind you can wear against your skin and it feels so warm and good.  Merino wool is one of my favourite yarns for this very purpose and I have been working with it to design and make pretty cowls.  Although I love textural knitting, I sometimes find a larger project that is highly textural to be difficult in holding my attention, but a cowl seems to be just the right size to make as many complicated, textural stitches as you like without feeling overwhelmed by the size of it.  That's why I enjoyed making the Elizabeth Cowl so much and I know there will be so many more textured cowls and other accessories to come.


My latest offering, Ruby,  is textural, but not complicated at all and it will be available for purchase on my Ravelry Store by the end of the week.  The body of this cowl is worked in a simple Seed Stitch pattern and the edges are dressed up with a Picot Edge Bind Off giving you the option of using either the same colour as the body or changing it up a little.



This pattern includes both sizes shown above, the first measuring 54 inches in circumference so that it can either be worn as one long loop around the neck or doubled up for warmth, the second measuring 20 inches in circumference.  I've pictured the 20 inch cowl with a variegated yarn for the Picot Bind Off.

All of my patterns are or will be available for purchase on Ravelry.  You can also purchase them by clicking on the pattern name on the top, right hand corner of this blog page (I am currently experiencing technical difficulty with the click option for Elizabeth but it is still available for purchase directly from Ravelry).

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