Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tuesdays are always way too busy with things that I don't really want to do but have to anyway.  I did manage to get all of my "have to's" finished in a reasonable amount of time today which left time for a little swatching and a little more sketching, even felted swatches.

Here's a little something I was working on a couple of weeks ago, I ripped it and started over a bunch of times and although it's only a swatch, I know it needs to turn into something.

These are not the same leaves I was working on yesterday.  Those babies are still in the mystery pile.

It would be so nice to be able to give all of my time and energy to this textile obsession.  Maybe some day.  Until then I think I should organize my week so that I do specific fibre related things on different days of the week.  That will only leave a little time for each thing (having to go to my job and all) but if I schedule the time, maybe I'll actually do some things that I haven't made time for in a while.  Like pick one day a week and spend just one hour spinning...my poor spinning wheel is sitting in the corner not able to remember what it's purpose is.  Sadder still is the sheer volume of fibre I have to spin that is sitting in bags.  I have mohair, kid mohair, my own wool roving from my own sheep, merino, silk, seacell, pollworth, angora and, and, and I know I've missed some.  I'm not just talking about a few ounces of this or that either....I'm talking pounds worth of most of them!!!!  Oh right, I forgot about the 3 lama fleeces I was given last summer by my neighbour....oh it's worse than I thought.  Well at least they're all well packed so no critters will get into them.  I think I'll put an hour aside on Sunday to do just that, spend some time spinning just for the joy of it.

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