Monday, June 18, 2012


This weekend was so beautiful weather wise, so Mr. Homesteader and I spent as much time out in it as possible.  We decided to try something a little different this year in the garden and built some simple raised beds out of lumber (some of it scrap).  We first laid some paper and cardboard on the ground to stop the grass and weeds from growing up into the bed, put the frames in place and filled them with compost and soil.  So simple.  We will also be mulching after the plants are all up to discourage weeds even more.  The mulching also helps to create more soil over time as it decomposes, giving you a till-free bed.  We haven't had a veg patch in a few years so we were excited to try this different method, hoping that it would be easier to care for.

We also used some split rims to make raised beds for peas, adding bamboo stakes for support....
"Pea Tee Pees"

As you can see, we also mulched all around the beds to keep everything tidy and manageable.  I think it's looking pretty good, can't wait to start enjoying the harvest.  I'll update as the garden grows.

Oh, and this is my absolutely "Berries Gone Wild" strawberry patch that I planted several years ago...

I get a pretty good yield from it, even though I have not really taken care of it:)

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