Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 Minute Bread

Oh wow, I have found my new "go-to" recipe for bread.  This recipe is the easiest I have ever used.  Except for the cooking time, the whole event takes 5 foolin...and bakes in a cast iron dutch oven....and here's what the finished product looks like....

If you would like to know how to make this delicious bread, follow the link to Rhonda's Down To Earth blog, she has the full instructions under the blog post "5 Minute Bread".

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lucky Find....And Daily Grind...

We had a lucky find this past week (I love it when that happens), Mr. found an old oil lamp in the basement that he mentioned I might like to look at.  I took a look and it was caked with dirt and dust and full of ancient lamp oil (that was also filthy) but it didn't seem to have any cracks.  The metal wick holder was held on with masking tape and the wick had started to disintegrate but I cleaned it up and had a go anyway.  I wish I had thought to take a before picture but I was so excited by the find that I couldn't wait to get at it.  Here it is, cleaned and shined with a new wick, wick holder and chimney.  A friend of mine figures that this was the original "basement lamp" used before electricity came up our road in the 1950's.

Along with a restoration project, I've been getting ready for company so I decided to get crackelackin baking some bread....but first I had to do the "daily grind"...

...yup that's where that saying originated, but unlike my ancestors, I have an electric grain mill.  The bread making will happen tomorrow, mmmmmm.

We've also started getting some pretty good garden hauls, this week was all about the herbs.  They were starting to flower so I decided to cut about half of each and bring them in to dry.

Sage, Lemon Balm and Oregano.

Next week.....peas!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Creative Property

There are several blogs that I like to visit (mostly knitting and homesteading blogs).  The ones I like most are bookmarked and I look every couple of days or so to see if there are any new posts.  Of course with any text (mine included), some posts will be a bit bland, some very informative, some will be just plain eye candy with beautiful pictures of knitted projects, food, gardens etc, and some will touch upon a point that I feel strongly about either for or against.  The posts I read that I disagree with, I give little attention to as I realize that they are coming from someone else's experience, from their own opinion and written on their own blog.  The posts that I strongly agree with I sometimes like to mention here on my own site.

Today, I was over at Kate Davies' Blog, I visit her in the cyber world just about every day.  She is one of the designers who has, without knowing it, inspired me to translate my imagination into the knitted stitch.  Today, Kate's post is about ownership of one's Commercial Design Property.  Any of you who read my blog know that I have a few patterns for sale (and will have more available in the future;)).  Kate does also, and her post today speaks of the blatant use of someone else's commercial creative property, without their permission, for commercial gain.  It's a very interesting and well written read and I encourage you to take a look.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Pea Tee Pee's And A Few Shoots To Boot!

I posted a couple of weeks ago about having planted peas inside of split rims as a sort of raised bed.  Those pea plants will be left to grow so that we can eat the peas.  I also planted a window box with peas with the intention of eating the shoots instead of letting the plants mature.  I had watched this on TV last year and until that time didn't know the shoot was edible.  They're very edible, very delicious, are quick to harvest (about 3 weeks), will continue to grow for further harvests and make a wonderful addition to salad.

I love them so much that I've decided to plant them indoors this winter to enjoy as a fresh out of season green, along with bean and seed sprouts, mmmmmm.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weekend Project

This past weekend was the Canada Day long weekend here in my wonderful country.  It was hot and sunny with a little stormy fury added for good measure on Saturday.  All in all, a very nice long weekend.  Mr. and I took advantage of the weather and worked on the back deck, he worked on shingles and I painted our old bistro set. The bistro didn't look very good any more with it's paint chipped and darkened.  Now it's bright and cheerful!

And a little spray paint revitalized an old plastic chair (orange).

Life can be so's nice to add a little whimsy when we can:)