Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mes Chaussettes

As a knitter there are a few basic necessities I like to have for myself, the most important being hand knit, wool socks.  I checked out my sock drawer recently and much to my horror, found a pile of old, holey, worn things that resembled nice hand made socks that I used to have.  I guess it's much like the cobbler's kids and the state of their shoes:)  I guess it's time to sit down and get to work making a few pairs to add to the pile!

I won a beautiful skein of yarn a few years ago at a spinning retreat that I immediately put away to save for a pair of socks to make for myself.  I know there is a good amount of wool content in this yarn and their may be a little mohair also (I neglected to ask), it's very soft and silky and feels good on the hands and I'm pretty sure it was hand spun.  Very, very beautifully hand spun I might add.

Since I only have the one skein, I decided to make an abbreviated version of my regular ribbed socks, meaning that they are more of an ankle sock than a full size.  I made them a little snugger too by going down a needle size and adding a few stitches with the hopes that this will make them a little tougher giving them a longer life.

The colour is darker and more gingery than showing in this picture, which makes me love them even more...the colour couldn't be more me.

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