Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm A Great Knitter, But Not An Artist

Yup, it's true...I'm a knitter, a good knitter.  I can read another person's pattern and turn it into a beautiful garment and I can also create my own.  That's a talent, a true and real talent.  What I cannot do is draw, sketch, paint, sculpt....those forms of artistry elude me....completely.

My family is filled with talent of that sort, siblings, nieces, cousins, all with the ability to take pen, pencil, brush to paper and make it look like something.  I've never really understood shading, tinting, light, colour.  In fact, I worked in esthetics for many years and was very good at it, my clients always felt relaxed, refreshed and pampered, but one service I lacked talent in was make up....again that's all to do with colour, shading, tinting, brush see what I'm saying here.

So, with the creation of a wee, little e-booklet containing 4 of my own patterns, I felt the need to make it truly my own.  After all, I created the patterns, chose the names and colours, wrote out the patterns, so I figured to make the work truly mine, I needed to do any of the "art" work I planned on including in the pages as well as the modelling.  Mind you, I must confess that doing it all myself was initially led by my pocket book.

So here is my "art", I think it's sweet.  One thing is for sure, it is genuine and heartfelt.  And if you can determine what each of the 4 little drawings are of, I guess I did alright:)

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