Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Projects

What a productive weekend!  It was so nice to be home and in my happy place (that would be the kitchen)!!!

The weekend started off with a batch of Mustard Pickles, one of my personal favourites....

Just a single batch this time and I'll probably make another single batch with hot peppers in them.  We could eat more of them but we're watching the amount of sugar we eat so I consider the pickled and jammed goodies to be treats and the pressure canned fruit and veg to be groceries.

Then on Saturday morning we heading out to one of our local Farmer's Markets to get some fresh, local, free range pork for the freezer and a few apples.  We met a great family who dairy farm but also raise free range pork.  We managed to get a small freezer order that day, about 10 meals worth of chops and 6 lbs of ground.  The chops and half of the ground went right into the freezer and I took the other ground and made meat balls....mmmmm they are so good....cooked them up and froze them.

The apples were used to dry some apple rings (no pics of that) and a delicious apple pie.

I had also picked up a 10 lb bag of beets from my local veg stand and pressure canned them, eliminating the need to add sugar and stuff to them.  We discovered that opening a bottle of beets and adding a little balsamic vinegar to the pot to heat them up tastes amazing.  10 lbs of beets = 14, 500 ml bottles, that's two batches in my pressure canner.

Before the apple slices went into the solar dehydrator, I had to take out the kale that I'd already dried and grind it into a power as a "nutritional supplement" of sorts for the winter.  I'll be sprinkling it into soups and chowders and the like for a little nutritional boost.

Oh, I almost forgot...the best part of all!!!!  I took some of the ground pork and made a Quebecois potted meat that we call Cretons.  My recipe is probably quite different from what some of you are used to but OH MY it is so very good on toast.  I put the cretons in little ramekins and will freeze to use later.

My recipe:

1 lb fresh ground pork
1 onion finely chopped
about 2 cups of milk
a sprinkle of cinnamon
a sprinkle of summer savory
salt to taste

Gently boil on low heat for an 1 to 1 1/2 hours until pork is cooked through and onions are soft, do not drain, the little bit of fat from the meat and the milk make it spreadable.  Enjoy as a sandwich spread or over hot toast.

That sums up my weekend, what are you doing this Labour Day weekend?

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