Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Weekend Project

Seems as though all of my posts are on Monday morning and about the weekend.  I've recently started working very long hours from Monday to Friday at my day job, so all of the homesteading stuff happens on the weekend only now.  I can work on knitting and pattern writing at my day job (I've very lucky that way), but I haven't quite found a way to make a batch of preserves here yet...although...if I had a stove.............
It was easier to get home stuff done with my old routine because I didn't start work until 2:30 in the afternoon, and of course, you can get a lot done between 7:00am and 2:30pm!

This weekend was a whirl-wind affair just like last, with the exception of real down-time yesterday afternoon (which was amazing).  We harvested the few apples we could that the ants hadn't destroyed, which measured up at about 15 lbs.  It was so maddening because this year we would have had too many apples to preserve and keep and would have had some to share with our friends and nieghbors.  I turned them into delicious Apple Sauce sweetened with just a hint of Maple. The apples are beautiful and taste terrific but they were a little under ripe which led me to sweeten them instead of leaving them natural.

"Sweet Sixteen" Apples

Mr. had noticed that the grapes were starting to burst and birds were doing a number on them so we decided to run out and harvest them also.  This year's bounty is only half the size of last year but the grapes are even more plump and sweet due to a long and hot summer.  These were all kept for eating this year (no jam) but I do have some left from last year that are more tart and will still give us some jam.  I washed, stemmed and froze them for snacking this winter.  I haven't bought a grape since spring of 2011, and I hope to never have to again.

"Sovereign Coronation" Grapes

Did you get the recent issue of "Mother Earth News"?  The one about growing and preserving your own food?  Well I picked up a copy a couple of weeks ago and near the back of the magazine found a recipe for Cheddar and Sage Scones.  I made up a batch to go with Pea's Pudding yesterday, they are very good, very dense and very easy to make.

Cheddar Sage Scones with bite removed:)

Mr. and I also had a wee photo shoot out in the vineyard...ok, it's not really a "vineyard" so much as it's a trellis with three grape vines on it but I thought vineyard sounded really cool!  I can't share those pics this time because they are for a pattern that I'm working on for this falls e-booklet....stay tuned.

What did you do this weekend?  Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us about your homesteading, knitting, quilting, weaving, spinning, gardening, etc:)

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