Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hiccups And A Preview

Oh my goodness, I wish I wasn't always "she who dives in head first" and I actually stopped and read directions.  I mean, after all I am a responsible adult...right.  I always read food labels, always, always read and follow the directions on medications...so why do I find it so hard to look for and read directions for other things!?

So, here's the deal....on Friday I was all geared up to put my wee booklet of 4 knitted patterns on Ravelry, easy peasy, right!  Well it would have been easy peasy if I'd actually read the instructions instead of doing it all back-asswards (ya, that's a word).  So now I have to wait for the good (and busy) folks at Ravelry to delete what I've done so that I can start over, not a big deal but it means I will probably miss my self imposed deadline of releasing the patterns in October.

This was the plan:

  1. Release 4 patterns on Ravelry,
  2. Announce it on my blog with pictures,
  3. Celebrate it on my blog with a fifth and free pattern for a warm squishy cowl, making it available to everyone, as a gift with or without purchase (hey, that's just the way I roll).

That said....I'm going to skip 1. for now and proceed with 2. and 3., just so you know that I haven't been pulling your leg and to let you all use the 5th and free pattern if you so choose.


Sweet and Condensed Knits,
 4 Deliciously Quick Knits For Her
by Chantelle Jelley

Sweet and Condensed Knits, as the title says, is a wee collection of 4 accessories for her.  All 4 patterns use 1 or less, 100g skein of yarn making them both affordable and great stash busters (hand spinners might find this useful as well, I don't know about you but I always seem to spin small quantities).  So let me show you the patterns....

Berry Stained Hands:  Cute little fingerless mitts, complete with tasty berries (bobbles) just to keep them fun.

Sweet Cherry Pie:  A very sweet cabled hat with a nicely domed crown that makes it a very comfortable fit.

Deliciously Thick Ribbed Socks:  comfy, warm, ankle socks fit nicely to the foot with simple 2x2 ribbing from cuff to toe.

Nutmeg:  A spicy little hat with cabled brim and smooth domed crown....reminds me of the comforts of warm custard pies.

I hope you like this little collection.  It was so fun for me to do, and comes from my passion for the knitted stitch.  It will be available on Ravelry as soon as I fix my....ehem...mistakes in trying to upload everything.  Until then I hope you all will enjoy this little pattern....


Worn doubled over with purl side out.

Scrunched up, full length with knit side out.

Worn pulled up as a hood.

(please excuse the poor photos of spellbound, I took them myself at work in poor lighting)

  I used an entire skein of Briggs and Little, Softspun, Colourway: Black Magic
5.5 mm double pointed needles or small circular
stitch marker
Gauge:  4 stitches to the inch
Finished measurements:  24 inch circumference (slightly pulled), 13.5 inches long

CO 96 stitches and join for working in the round being careful not to twist stitches, place stitch marker.  *Purl 1, Knit 3, continue from * until end of round.
Continue working in this 1x3 ribbed pattern until you have 3 yards remaining, Bind Off.

Thank you everyone for visiting and reading my blog, and please enjoy this pattern.

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