Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Retreat Goodies

As I was telling you, I picked up a few cool things while I was away.  These beautiful wooden tools were all made by the same guy and round off my existing stash of knitting/spinning tools nicely.  From left to right there is a turkish spindle, nostepine, orifice hook, a diz and wraps-per-inch gauge (together), and 3 sets of double pointed needle protectors.

As a participant, there's always a goody bag waiting for you too, this year we received a measuring tape, note pad, kumihimo disk and ribbons, fibre, wool wash, a diz, needle gauge/ruler and some chocolates which are not pictured here but were very good:)

Can't wait until the next retreat, they are so much fun.  It's so nice to be with 70 to 120 people, all weekend long, that share the same interests.  It's the one weekend a year that I am not weird and nobody glazes over when I speak of the virtues of merino wool.  I always leave having learned something too, this year was all about the turkish spindle for me, thank you S.P. for doing such a terrific demo and de-mystifying the technique.  I've been spindling like crazy since I got back and I love it.  I love it so much that I've been researching other styles of spindles and have decided that I'll be getting some more.  I didn't realize how fast a spindle could actually work, you just need a little practice.  OK, it's still not as fast as using my wheel, but it's way more portable as well as being some of the oldest forms of yarn making. the people who read my blog, who's gift giving list I'm also on....some day I would also like a French Supported Spindle and a Navajo Thigh Spindle.....just sayin':)

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