Monday, October 15, 2012


This weekend I participated in the Annual Maritime Handspinner's Retreat, which took place in Mirimichi, New Brunswick.  It was fantastic.  We were around 70 spinners in total, all of which came kitted out with a spinning wheel and a goodly basket of fibre and spindles and knitting projects.  There was also a nice handful of vendors that came equipped with all manner of spinning and knitting supplies.  I was so restrained in the vendor's room this time by NOT dragging home bags upon bags of fibre (my stash is still quite impressive so I thought I'd better spin some of that first), I did however leave a few dollars at one vendor's table....Mr. G. is a hobby wood turner and the husband of one of our spinners.  Mr. G. had some of of the most beautiful wooden tools for spinning and knitting that I have ever seen and I will post about them later when I've taken pictures of my pretty things.

I've never seen so many prizes.  The prize donations are always generous and it's really nice to win something, but we never expect that we ARE going to win something, it's just an added bonus.  This year there was something for everyone!  With a lovely donation from The Flair Witch, I was able to add two wire shawl pins to the prize table and I ended up going home with these adorable earrings:

This is how generous the vendors and participants were:

The room was so full of spinners and their stuff that you needed a map, compass and emergency beacon to not get lost, this picture was taken before everyone had arrived so it still looks quite tame.

And this is what a room full of professional, grown people get up to on a Saturday night:)  This is the end result of a four part, 3 team contest to hackle, spin, knit and dress a dolly.  The kicker being that the wee scarf was knit with a cocktail umbrella and a plastic sword.

Oh shoot, I broke the rules......"What happens at retreat weekend, stays at retreat weekend", sorry folks:)

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