Thursday, December 13, 2012


In our little homestead, Mr. and I take a more simple approach to everything...that includes Christmas as well.  We enjoy visits with family and friends, eat delicious holiday food and exchange gifts...the difference for us now as compared to years ago is that everything we do for the holidays, we do with old fashioned, sustainable values in mind.  Aside from changing our Christmas lights over to LEDs a few years back, we haven't spent anything of decorations for over a decade and probably won't ever again.  I use and reuse the same artificial boughs I've had for decades as well as the tree ornaments and ribbons.  The only thing new I use every year is the greenery.  We do like a real tree and we always get one from the wild, usually one that is being crowded and won't grow well anyway.  A lovely wreath will grace our outside entrance and is made with the trimmings we have to cut from trees lining our lane that are becoming overgrown.

We keep the gift giving very simple and exchange only modest items (often home made) and although we do spend a little...we can wrap up our entire holiday season, turkey included for less than what most families spend on 1 person.  That means no post holiday debt hangover because that's not the way we roll.  The baking is done in early December and frozen to lighten the load closer to the day, so that when it does arrive, Mr. and I are stress free.  The house has had it's winter cleaning, goodies are baked, gifts made/bought and exchanged, cards mailed, house decorated and all we have to do is cook a turkey dinner.  I love our simple holidays.

Today, I didn't do anything towards getting ready for the saw a little feet up time.  I made a nice bowl of chicken soup with the last of our frozen broth (this is why I need to cook a turkey soon), and lovely herb biscuits made with my own dried herbs and lard that I rendered last week.

And a half hour before I had to leave for work, Dave hopped up on my lap and demanded some cuddle time. It was so difficult to get up for work when he was so snugly.

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