Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Granny Fever

After many months of lacking inspiration to pick up yarn or fabric and make, well anything really....I ended up with an no, nothing that I need salve for, I mean an itch of inspiration...a yearning.  For what you ask?  For the simple, humble, timeless Granny Square.  I learned to make them 35 years ago while stuck at a  babysitter's for two weeks with Mono.  After the first week off of school I was still weak and ill but I could at least open my eyes up properly again, only to find Tina stitching away with a crochet hook.  I asked her to teach me and so I created my first Grannies.  After all this time I decided that I just had to make some, even though I would really prefer to knit any day over crochet.

I remembered the double crochet stitch and that you needed 3 to make a shell (at least for the pattern I was trying to recapture), I remembered you had to double up on the corners...but I could not remember how to start and finish rounds.  Of course YouTube came to the rescue and filled in the blanks that 35 years had erased and voila......Grannies....

....of different sizes, just to get the feel of it again.  What says home more that something made of Granny Squares?


  1. Hi Chantelle, I met your sister at the Seaport Market today and we had a great chat.She believes that you and I were born twins and seperated at birth. I live in a wee cottage that I found almost 6 yrs ago. I cook and heat with an old cast iron stove called a Waterford, which is from Ireland. I sew,knit,crochet and recently purchased a full sized taperstry loom to make rugs and blankets. It is situated in the livingroom of my 500 sq ft house built with mostly recycled materials. I found the loom for $10. on kijiji. It is a LeClerc. I am hoping to have a studio built on to the back of the house this summer and put in the loom and a rather interesting hand built quilt frame as well as locating a small spinning wheel. Have you seen the BioLite stove? if not you should check it out. while you are cooking you can charge your cell phone or your led lights.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Devora, sounds like we were separated at birth:) Your house and looms etc, sound amazing!!! I checked out your blog and hope that there will be some updates there, I'd love to see more. I'm going to check out that BioLite stove now....