Friday, January 18, 2013

All Gifts Great And Small

Haha, only a Homesteader would get excited over a gift like this.........and I am!

A very large, Hubbard Squash given to me by one of my customers just a few minutes ago.  I've mentioned before that after having conversations with people about my lifestyle and where my future homesteading goals lie, they come bearing home grown goodness.  This was given to me by a young chap who grew a garden last summer and had so many squash that he's getting kind of tired of them.  He's made roast squash, soup, loaves and pies and he was very happy to give me one (and will gladly give me more).  I think it weights about 10 lbs and since the "meat" in a Hubbard squash is quite thick and dense, I should be able to get several uses out of just this one.

I'm anxiously awaiting the weekend here at work as I wish to get cracking on that green beauty above.  It's very, very cold here this weekend so it's definitely an indoor one and using a hot stove sounds even more enticing.  I will be boiling some soup nuts as well to make shampoo and I'll let you all know how I make out with that.  I thought it would be a great time as well to put together my emergency bug-out-bag that I've wanted to make.  So far I have a few sensible items to go in...a wind up flash light/radio, bandages, lighter/matches, a multi tool, trail mix, granola bars, bottled water, meds, antiseptic ointment, antiseptic hand wipes and facial tissues.  There are of course many more things that will be going inside, but I have yet to buy them, like an emergency blanket, portable water filtering bottle, water cleaning will be interesting to see if it all fits in my little nap sack.  I have my 72 hour, bug-in plan worked out just fine with the recommended water, canned food, lamps and oil, candles, cooking stove and back up generator but I had not really thought about the bug-out-bag that is also recommended in time of emergency evacuation so I thought it would be a great idea to do.

A few years ago we had to put the bug-in plan to the test both at home and at work when we were hit with an ice storm that coated everything and knocked out power.  Some were without power for 10 days, we were only out for 3 or 4, but it certainly made us aware of what we needed to improve and how lucky we were to have had so many things in place already.  During this time, Mr and I managed to eat a hot supper and get a hot shower every night and heat the house up in one good burst before bedtime.  We used the same generator during the day at work to give all necessary freezers and coolers a boost so that all frozen foods stayed that way and all perishable foods stayed, well....not perished.  We only opened the business during daylight hours so that we did not have to run any lights and we stayed bundled up to keep the furnace almost off.  I felt that Mr and I were a well oiled machine and our efforts prevented any loss of goods at our business and home, they also gave us warm(ish) and sound nights of sleep....and best of all, we were the first place in our area to have hot coffee and that made our customers and neighbors very, very happy.

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