Monday, January 7, 2013

Goals For 2013

Goal for 2011 was to make and sell knitted/sewed/crocheted items to reach a target goal of a specific net amount....I met that goal, then surpassed it by just a little.

Goal for 2012 was to create and publish to sell, 4 knitted patterns.  I blew that one sky-high by doing 7 patterns.

Now that I've had a day of down time and my brain and body have been reset....I'm thinking about what I want to accomplish for 2013.  This year's knitting is going to focus a little more on making stuff for me, of course if I come up with a good idea or three, I won't hesitate to share (as in a published pattern).  I'm thinking 1 vest, 1 sweater and couple of pairs of socks just for me, and a couple pairs of socks for Mr.  I would like to spend more time in 2013 at my spinning wheel, sewing machine and knitting machine also...they're kinda zen for me.

As far as the homesteading side of things go, this year's challenges will be both indoors and out.  Mr. and I are getting geared up to make our first cheese in about a month (I need to order a few supplies).  That is certainly something that neither of us have done before and really does fall right in line with all the other skills we've been working on.  Outdoors, I want to spend more time and effort in the garden and on the orchard.  We are getting the hang of it but there's always room for improvement.

Mr. has his heart set on a 3 kW solar system for the house.  It would be great if we could manage it this's been on the list for many years.  3 kW of solar power, coupled with the small wind turbine we already have, would make a significant difference.  The difference for us would be in the heating of our home.  Our electric bill is very low (I don't know anyone who is on the grid who has a lower bill) so the savings would not be significant there as there is always a monthly service fee.  The savings would come into play by being able to use the electricity we generate to heat the house as opposed to using (or a supplement to) our oil furnace.  Mr and I are looking ahead to a future for ourselves where we are almost, or completely non oil dependant.  Our vision is of a life without an addictive level of consumerism, where 90% of our food is from local and preferably organic sources.  The vision extends to clothing and other household products, using only what we need and sourcing out the most sustainable products possible.

I recently shared our desire to make cheese with someone and the comment was "your life is going to be filled with all kinds of little things", the comment, although well meant, was a negative reaction to our desire to do and make, more tasks and items in and around our home than people in the western world currently do.  It was seen as a negative.  I look at it as a positive.  We have both learned many basic skills that people used to simply "get up and do", these same skills are generally not used in the western home any more as more things are mass produced and made to make life "faster".  I understand that our desire for a simpler life, using fewer dollars and more elbow grease doesn't appeal to many and may seem like a step backwards, but it does appeal to us and it fills us with a feeling of self-reliance that we had never had before.

So that's our wish list for 2013 in a nutshell.  If I look really closely at it, we're almost there anyway so the effort is certainly doable.  Whatever goals you set for yourself this year, I hope they all come to fruition for you.

P.S. can you believe that the first week of the New Year is already behind us....woooooah...I said wooooah! Time is moving by way to fast:)

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