Monday, January 14, 2013


This weekend Mr and I took in the "Eco Expo" put on by the University of PEI's students.  There were a few people there that we wanted to speak to, one who built a straw bale house, one who built a passive solar house and a small company who builds small, sustainable homes.  Of course with any community gathering like that, you will always find a vendor or two selling delicious ethnic food...very tasty.

I came away with a little more knowledge on sustainable building, a lovely bar of home crafted soap made from goat's milk, sea weed and lavender....

...I also thought I'd buy some soap nuts and give them a try.  Especially since I have difficulty with commercial cleansers....

...the vendor provided a handy little bag that holds just enough nuts (about 5) to do a load of laundry.  Those same nuts should do another 4 loads or so.  I washed some sheets with them yesterday and they came out very clean and neutral smelling.

It was a perfect day.  The roads were bare, the temperature was mild and there was no wind.  The day was punctuated by a lovely Chinese Buffet lunch that was absolutely lovely.  Hope you all had a terrific weekend.

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