Thursday, February 14, 2013


"Sanity can be measured by stitches per inch, relative to project size."  Chantelle

Welcome to my world of lace and frustration...The pattern I'm working on is straight forward and quick to memorize.  The problem is, as always, my swatch told me lies.  My swatch was nice and snug and my project is not.  The gauge is off, not by much...but off.  Being a reasonable person, common sense is telling me to frog it and start over with smaller needles...BUT, but no listen....I think I can get away with the looser gauge on the lace work and if I really have to, drop a quarter to half a mm when I get to the top stockinette really, I think it can work.  On a happy note, the yarn I'm using is sooooooooo nice.  It doesn't look like much on the cone but the more I work with it, the more in love with it I get.  It's a blend of natural browns and has a lovely springiness that I wasn't expecting to get from it in a finished knit.  It's also much softer than it looks.

I got it for a terrific price several years ago at a going out of business sale.  There were a few more cones in different colours and in hind sight, I should have bought them all.  But at the time I was a brand new knitter, so I've forgiven myself.

The lace is delicate and feminine and I think the sweater will be beautiful.  I'm not really a lace knitter, nor do I have much experience using lace weight yarns.  Although it's taking forever to do a single round at 396 stitches each, it's been very satisfying to feel the lace grow between my fingers.


  1. Ahhh... nice ! You are going to enjoy it so much more I think... each row. I love the naturalness about the yarn. Perfect choice... and I want that book !

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  3. Thanks Jen and did you notice that your pattern is on Ravelry's home page article today? That was nice to see.