Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It's May.  We're so far into May that it will soon be June.  How did that slip by me so quickly?  Oh, I know...must be because I've been a busy lady.  Still working, working, working and getting a little knitting done while I'm working.  I have 23 hats to show for it, leaving one more to make for an even 2 dozen (I thought that would be a nice number to stop at).  These three are my most recent ones and I just love the Spring inspired colours (even though they're meant for cooler weather and made of wool).  I think they'll look terrific after washing and blocking.

It's hard not to be inspired by Spring when it's all happening around you.  The greenest greens of the year are popping up all around us and you can't go anywhere outside without hearing the buzzzzzzzzzz of bees...what a wonderful sound.  I hope those bees have been visiting our blooming fruit trees, the apricot's blossoms are finished now but this is what it looked like last week.

Aren't those blossoms incredible!

Dave is taking Spring as it comes, bouncing all over the place all day long and passing out in his bed every evening...it's a charmed life.

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