Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monteray Jack

On February the 2nd I made cheese.  I made a Monteray Jack, which I lovingly tended...turning, drying, waxing, turning, waiting.  Waiting for it to age and turn into something wonderful.

It did turn into something wonderful, but it definitely did not turn into Monteray Jack.  It's dry and crumbly and sour....just like Feta...mouth watering Feta!

I know exactly how it happened, after adding the rennet I waited the suggested time (near an hour) for the curd to set....it did not set hard enough.  So I waited another hour for it to set hard enough and it still did not.  Not knowing what to do I read up on it and the book said that cutting the curd too soon before it sets properly can result in loss of fat from the curd.  That makes sense.  I went ahead and cut the softer curd and made the cheese as directed in the recipe anyway.  Like I said, it's very good....just not the result I was trying to achieve.  It is amazing on salad with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Even though it did not turn out as planned, I'm still pretty chuffed that I was able to make ANY cheese at all.

After making such a perfect Colby on my first cheese making adventure, I think I'll make another one soon.  It was a little easier to make and the result was outrageously good.

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