Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Project

This weekend past we had a little fun painting the Boler....

...it's very groovy don't you think?  This is fiberglass trailer number 5 and every time we get a new (old) one we just have to leave our mark on it.  BUT, we always leave it in better shape that we found it.

I made new curtains too...

They're much more cheerful than the dark blue denim curtains that were there when we bought it.

The changes that we made that aren't pictured here have been painting of the interior, creating a set of bunk beds where the back sofa/bed was (giving us each a full twin size bed, I can't believe that the "Parents" were meant to share that little bed), new cushion covers, new vinyl flooring and a very good clean up.  It wasn't in bad shape at all, we just wanted to freshen the whole place up.  We also like to play around a little with the age of these campers, this one was made in 1977 but we have had older ones with avocado green interiors and you just can't help playing that up!  This one's interior was much milder in colour but we still thought it appropriate to paint on the 70's daisies (which look an awful lot like the sheet set I had back then).  This baby is also equipped with a solar panel and battery so that we can tuck ourselves into the smaller tent sites or go "off road" and still enjoy a little power.

This is what we do for Summer fun and I sure wish we were able to use it more than we do, but we're grateful for the times we do get out in it.

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