Monday, July 15, 2013

Life On Four Acres

Our lives on our wee little homestead are pretty simple and natural.  Our favourite parts being the "living things".  This year we planted a Weeping Mulberry tree next to the pergola that Mr. had built a while back.  It was l o a d e d with plump berries and I've been going out every day to pick the ripe ones.

It's still young so it should leaf out much more over the next few years.  You can just make out last year's addition to the garden behind the Mulberry...three more Sovereign Coronation grapes to add to the vines we already have.  The vines will eventually take over the pergola in the same way they did at the back of our shed.  We also plan to put in a deck inside the pergola for us to hang and chill.

The veg patch was off to a late start this year but it is perking up and looking promising.

The experiment in "Forest Food Gardening" didn't go as well, but I suspected that I needed to plant hardier plants, especially those of the perennial variety.  The seeds didn't germinate as they neither had enough water nor light, but I'm not disappointed, I went into it without it costing me anything and forearmed with the knowledge that it may not work.

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