Monday, August 12, 2013

Summertime On Four Acres And Beyond

Just had a wonderful 3 week adventure both on and off the acreage.  Part one I already blogged about, having spent 5 nights away in Cape Breton, it was such a good time.

Part two was a trip to Ontario to see family for yet another significant Birthday celebration.  I have not one picture to show for it!  Not one!  Which is supper way strange because while there, I visited the Textile Museum in Almonte!  I was in a textile museum and didn't take pictures....I still can't believe it.  I went with my Sister and Sister-in-law who are both textile junkies like me, just with using different media.  My sister sews, knits and felts, my Sister-in-law quilts and knits and of course there's, knit, spin, crochet and now I want to learn to quilt.  Well it was a very fun and interesting time spent with them and it was wonderful to show them a glimpse of where my passions lie.  Of course the museum housed the larger, more industrial spinning and carding machines...but it really works on all of the same principles of hand spinning.

No sooner did I arrive home from part two of my Summertime Adventure, Part three happened....I had a very nasty, sore, super-nova tooth removed while sedated.  I realise that that doesn't really sound fun and it wasn't, but knowing that after all of the healing is finished I will never be bothered by that tooth again is just wonderful and according to the's healing beautifully.  I went back to work the day after, my mouth was fine but I could have used another 2 days off to fully recover from the sedation...that was weird.

Part four.  We adopted a sweet little cat that we've named Penelope (Penny for short).  She's a year old and had been very badly handled by someone causing a severe break to her upper front leg.  She now has a permanent plate in the leg and a permanent limp (although not very pronounced) and of course will have arthritis in time.  The adventure took us through the weekend when we brought her home and slowly introduced her to Dave.  Dave would very much like to play with her and get to know her, but so far, Penny can't stop hissing and growling at him...oh well, they'll sort it out.  Mr. and I both had to work today so it will be interesting to see if everyone survived the day.  I would have let Dave out for the day but of course I live in potato country...commercial potato country and Monday is "spray day" and since Dave neither has blight, nor is "round up ready", I like to keep him in on those days.  At least the farmer that owns two of the three sides around me tries very hard to let me know in advance so that I can run home and let him in...that is very nice.

Of course there's been a little knitting during the adventure also....seriously, like there wouldn't have been...

The Mill called no sooner than I walked through the door from away wanting 15 hats, so I had to start working on replacing them.  I've made 4 and decided that I wanted to make a few dish cloths before going on.

Tried my hand at a little granny triangle too, I'd like to make a string of bunting with them, maybe with a Christmas theme.

On the Homesteading front, we've harvested the last of the red currents, I think we picked 4 cups this year.  Every year we get more and every year amazes me that so much fruit can come from such a small shrub.  The black current towers over the's huge in comparison, yet it yields almost nothing.  Go figure.  The peas, carrots and beets are being eaten with a wild abandon...none of them are being kept for storage this year...these ones are all about instant gratification.

I think the currents are destined to be made into a delightful jam...we'll all appreciate that in January.

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