Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just Trying And Doing The Best That I Can

When I see a beautiful new collection of patterns made available to the public for purchase, I always have to look and ooo and aaaahhhh at the talent I see.  I also feel in awe of the designer's (or their photographer's) ability to take amazing photographs with just the right light and just the right shadow and just the right background in just the right location.  What I find mind boggling however, is that since these designers are famous in the knitter's world, the rest of us "cottage" designers and our work are often over looked by the general population.  I noticed a beautiful new pattern by a famous knitwear designer that looks an awful lot like my Sweet Cherry Pie hat.  It is a little different, a little more slouchy but all in all, the same general construction.  This new pattern will probably be well received and purchased many time over, becoming a hit in my global knitting community.  That really is a very good thing and if I didn't already know how to make something similar, I would probably buy that pattern myself.  What I wish, what I wish and hope and dream is that all patterns, especially on Ravelry, get the same amount of attention paid to them.

Us small time, cottage crafters don't always have the same resources at hand, but I'm sure the majority of us that are charging a fee for our work have completed at least the making of several projects with their pattern, have had it test knitted by a reliable and non bias person or persons and have put together a well written and photographed finished pattern.

Please give the work of small time designers a look and a chance, we work hard at what we do also.


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