Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Last weekend, much to my delight, my life returned to a state of almost normal.  I spent the entire weekend at home and doing those early fall things that I do enjoy so much.  I didn't do very much textile work through the week though, so I'll have to make more of an effort to find time for that...after all, I still haven't had time to really figure out that sock knitting machine and not finding that time has been a source of disappointment for me.

There was a couple of trips out to the vineyard (giggle), well...the "back of the shed trellis" is more accurate. It is just dripping with pounds and pounds of delicious, purple orbs.

They are so full of flavour and just sweet enough.  They make really, really good jam too.

Perfect for cold winter mornings on hot toast. I like using these jars to barter for other goods, like fruit that I don't grow or preserves that I don't make.....I received about 10 pounds of plums yesterday from my neighbour, today he gets grape jam in return.  This trade between us has been going on for a few years and I'm very grateful because my plum trees are still a little immature to produce.

The smells in the kitchen this time of year are incredible, sugar, fruit, vinegar, spices....ooooo, it really is my favourite time.

There's a certain smell in the air around my community too...it's the scent of potatoes and earth.  Very unique and when it arrives, it's just one more signal to me that Autumn has arrived.

My wheel barrow of gleaned potatoes...cuz that's they way we roll around here.

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  1. Just look at all those things you grew ! Looks delicious, grape jam & potatoes !!!