Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thoughts On A Thursday

Nothing particularly exciting has happened this week, one day seems to just fall into the next without a whole lot of change.  That's usually a good thing for me as change kind of messes me up.  I like the slow rhythm of life here in the country just for that reason, change usually happens around here with the easy turn of day into night, season to season.  Although some would not agree, I find that the little things that change in our little world to be just about the right amount of excitement I want in my routine.  Take for example the harvest, the harvest starts in late spring with some berries and rhubarb and it goes on for months.  One of the last things to be harvested here is potatoes, it's no secret that I live in potato country (where some of the best root veg in the world is grown) and this week witnessed the early varieties starting to come out of the ground.

These huge tubers are Shepodys, and I have to say they do make an excellent French Fry which is exactly what they were grown for.  After the field behind our house was "dug" the other day, Mr. and I went out and gleaned about 30 pounds.  You don't want to try and store too many of these guys as they don't have any amount of skin on them so I'm sure they won't keep well.  Delicious.

My own wee veg plot has been churning out delicious things, I can't believe how pretty this striped variety of beet is, very tasty too.  I think I still like the darker, long beets best but these beets don't bleed very much when you are adding them to other things, making the dish a little less "muddy" looking.

These one's are not destined for the canner or the pickle pot, I think we'll just continue eating them fresh until they're gone.

Of course what would a blog post be without a little knitting!  I was making a hat the other day and was getting bored so decided to change it up a bit, the fabric is nice but I'm not sure about the overall result.

I think this weekend will be spent in the kitchen.  Mr. and I have not been eating very well these past few months and it's time to get back into the rhythm of early Autumn with soups and beans and stews and pies...mmmmmmm that really sounds good.

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