Monday, October 7, 2013

A Plan Whilst Dreaming

So, I have a dream that everyone in the world will get along with each other, everyone will return back to a simpler, healthier life and of course everyone will either learn how to knit or at the very least, buy hand knit loveliness that someone else has made.  Ahhhhhh.  Well, I'm only one person so I cannot hold myself responsible for world peace or for the decisions of 7 billion other people, but what I can do is turn my own little space into one that is more in keeping with my Utopia.

Mr. and I own an old country store, we manage it and also work shifts behind the counter almost like it was done 101 years ago when the store was new.  The stock has changed dramatically since it opened over a century ago based on what the public wants to buy.  Where you used to find horse shoe blanks, stove parts and know find potato chips, fizzy pop and chocolate bars.  You can still find carriage bolts and lamp oil in the back though....after all, since we are a country store, we do need to carry more than just junk food.

I have been dreaming for years of how nice it would be to have a little shop with all of my pretty knitted things in it, along with knitting kits featuring my own patterns and a few other interesting things.  I have dedicated a small area in the store for my wee treasures, but this fall, I decided to make a larger, more permanent looking space for it all.  I've been selling knitted accessories and things to other stores on the Island for years, but I'm going to put more time and effort into my own space now.

It's not quite put together yet so pictures of that space will follow, but in the mean time, here are a few pics of the things I've been working on the fill it with.

I was well stocked with hats, but not with mitts so I decided to make a few pairs of "Newfoundland Mitts" as they are very popular around here.  The mittens hanging on the line are some oversized felted mitts that I know some of the men in my area really like.  Christmas is coming after all and I want to have a nice selection of accessories for people to gift.

What kind of knitted dreams are you having?

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