Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Turkey Day

This is Monday...Monday of the long, Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada.  This is my favourite holiday.  So much so that the Mr. and I were wed on Thanksgiving weekend nearly two decades ago.  There is something that happens to me at this time of year, I've felt it since I was a little girl.  I get nesty and homey and want to make and put away things.  Some people find it a bit depressing that the days are noticeably shorter, but I find it inspiring.  The longer, cooler nights find me wanting for woollen socks and blankets, snuggling with the Mr. and the cats, mugs of hot chocolate and sticky, starchy, warm, comfort foods.

Since we had the day off yesterday, Mr. and I enjoyed a traditional turkey dinner with family.  It was delicious and made with good measures of home grown goodness.  The turkey was store bought but all the veg on the table and fruit that filled our pies, came from our own kitchen garden and orchard.  This little "pie pumpkin" was at the peak of perfection just in time for holiday pie....

....I told the Mr. that I think this little "pie pumpkin" gets it's name not just because it is the perfect variety for pie but also because it made a perfect 2 cups worth of mash which was the exact amount needed for my recipe.

Of course what Harvest Supper would be complete without an apple pie as well?!  After tending a Golden Delicious tree for the last couple of years, trying to return it to good health as it was left to run wild, we were happy to find that the apples were usable!  They are not as healthy as they will be, but, this is our first time being able to really enjoy them.

They made some pretty tasty pies, if i do say so myself.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends and Happy Harvest to all of those who celebrate the Harvest!

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